UNCONTAINED The Fullness of God

This year the Lord has taken me on a journey … As always I was looking forward to the theme of the year given to the Apostle E H Guti…. a year of having so that we may not lose what we have is what God gave him…. I thought this was referring to the “things” I wanted to attain or achieve. I was in for a surprise, I was about to experience God fully in my life for the first time, like actually fully! The start of this year was one of being broken down and pruned. Jesus was about to take my hand, I was entering a chapter in life that required me to depend on Him entirely. I lost someone dear to me that I thought would be in my life forever … I felt like my world was falling apart around me, like I was losing what I had, the very opposite of the theme the man of God was given! I felt empty and lost, I had no hope… But the wonderful thing is, God will never allow us to walk through trials without making a way out (1 Corinth 10v13).

This year God began by leading me on a personal journey with Him, He has taught me to walk with Him in my darkest hour. He has become my personal God! I moved to the Midlands at the end of last year and became a part of the CLG family…. this I believe has been a part of the process God has been taking me through…

The theme “Uncontained, the fullness of God” came right on time and has been coming alive in me, I’m learning the full joy of the Lord is truly my strength. I never knew that I could actually enjoy life as a child of God walking in the light but here I am enjoying it!

God has actually shown me on a daily basis that his Grace is sufficient for me, come what may, He has been opening doors and showing me his uncontained love and favour. There is no limit to what He can do, even a young person here in the western world with all its temptations can be whole in Him, He loves us so very much xx

By Charlene Kasese

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