His Fullness Through Song

The fullness of God to me is something that must and can only be experienced; words cannot capture. In our human capacity, I feel we can experience God uncontained through music. We can sing about His goodness, faithfulness, love, kindness, forgiveness, mercy and perfection and move things in the spiritual realm by moving His heart with our praise. The fullness of God is something that we need more than air, it can get us through anything because where He is, nothing bad can be. When I hear ‘The fullness of God’ I hear, all is well in my life no matter the storms. I hear, all things will always work out for my good because I love God and I’m called according to His purpose, and I hear that no bad thing will ever overcome me because I am victorious through¬†Christ¬†Jesus. Through music, I feel that the Spirit of God is uncontained. We can sing songs fresh from heaven, we can sing songs given by the Holy Spirit. Through music we get to sing with the angels, Holy, Holy, Holy is our Lord God Almighty. The fullness of God is a mystery, a beautiful one in that, one day we will fully discover once we enter into eternal life, but while here on earth, we will sing about His fullness with songs completely uncontained about His perfection and greatness!


– Christian Kuvhinda

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