…God Uncontained Through The Kingdom!


Uncontained: The Fullness of God! This is the resounding statement that has painted the social media pages as it marked the opening of a new Shout Aloud season. In Forward in Faith Ministry the tune has been about the Kindgom of God. This tune carries strums and strings that produce this beautiful sound. This year we are playing a chord of understanding this Kingdom. Christ helps us by telling us ‘You won’t be able to say “Here it is” or “There it is” For the Kingdom of God Is already among you’

So if it be that it is within me, within you, in that person and the other then it could never be that we confine all persons within the Kingdom in one place. Our sight nor our imagination can capture its extents. And it takes revelation or rather ‘progressive revelation’ to begin to comprehend its full magnitude!

Apostle Guti declared this year ‘A year of having, through the Kingdom’. Based on the parable about the sower in Mark 4, this made clear a statement that I think left many with a nervous slap of realisation: to him who has, more will be given, to him who doesn’t, even the little that he has will be taken away!

So if we say we are looking to God for all, our having has got to be in Kingdom. Where God’s Kingship Rules in His fullness. And all of that in my heart. So for me, The uncontained power of God can only be experienced where the Rulership of God is not shared with anything else. To experience the Kingdom we not only need the understanding of it but to acknowledge His rulership in us without wavering, in order to experience His Fullness….UNCONTAINED!

– Vongai Makamure

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