Testimony Time

Review first! SHOUT ALOUD 4!! My first time attending and deffo not my last (well hopefully it’s not the last one. The whole concert was well organised, it was LIT!! Their voices! The spoken word?! WAS DEEP *insert finger clicking* Anyway moving on! This year I made up my mind that I was going to … [Read more…]

His Fullness Through Song

The fullness of God to me is something that must and can only be experienced; words cannot capture. In our human capacity, I feel we can experience God uncontained through music. We can sing about His goodness, faithfulness, love, kindness, forgiveness, mercy and perfection and move things in the spiritual realm by moving His heart … [Read more…]

The Unmeasurable

“When I think of Uncontained: The fullness of God. I think of God being unmeasurable. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his love. There is no limits when it comes to his love. He always shows me his goodness, his mercies and his unfailing love, even at times when I think I do … [Read more…]